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How can I make money without paying any initial membership fees?

It's simple, we have 2 programs and you can pick the one that is right for you.

Silver Member - (Free Member) - You Will Earn 50%

Just for signing up you will receive 50% from everything on the website, this includes member payments and from all the products you sell. Not only do you receive the commision when they sign up, but every time someone makes a payment from your links.

And if you decide to upgrade to a paid membership at any time, you will receive 100% of the members and affiliate payments every month, month after month.... every time someone makes a payment.

Gold Member - (Paid Member) - You Will Earn 100%

That's right, as a paid member You Will Earn ALL 100% from your sales on everything from the website. You can use this cash generating website to earn you money from all over the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You keep all 100% of the profits yourself!

You get paid instantly, as soon as someone makes a purchase, no waiting weeks or months to receive your affiliate commission checks. As soon as your payment is received, your payment link will automatically activate on the website, allowing you to receive your payments directly into your account!

How do I get paid?

As a Paid member, each of your members pay you directly. There is NO WAITING weeks or months for commissions or affiliate payments. The payments are paid by your members directly into YOUR account.

When will I know that it is time to make a payment?

This entire monthly membership payment cycle will start over from the date of your payment. You are able to login to our members area and see when your payment is due each month.

How do I know that my members will pay?

With our system, everyone wants to pay because if your members payment is not received, that person will only receive 50% of payments from their members! No Exceptions! 

What will happen if I decide I do not want to make my payment?

Our system is set up so if any member does not make payment, they Will Only receive 50% of their payments from their members! This is why everyone wants to pay, so they will earn All 100% of their payments with our automatic profits system. If you decide the following month you want to make your payment, then you again will be able to receive all 100% payments from your members.

How many people do I have to sign up to make any money? 

To make money with our system you have to at least refer 2 people. Our system is FREE to join and is very easy to recruit new members. The numbers on the chart on the main page are not impossible with our system and could very well go beyond these numbers.

Will I get paid commissions on multi levels?

No, you will only get paid on one level, your members only. This is not a chain letter, a matrix, or some other multi level scheme, it is an actual business where everyone can make money, not just a few people at the top.

How often and in what method do I get paid?

After you have made a payment to your sponsor, you will receive All 100% of the membership payments from your members. Your members payments will go directly into your account.

If your members make their payment before you have made your payment, that payment is placed into a special payment account that will be transferred into your account, on the first of the month, minus a 50% transfer fee.

What makes different from other sites?

Daily-Payday was designed so that anyone can earn money on the internet without having a website. With our system we put you in control of the amount of your monthly paycheck. All our members will get paid, not just the ones that have referred more people than others and there is no limit of people you can refer to us. 

If I were to join this program late would I still be able to make money?

Yes, this system is totally free to join and very easy for new members to sign into. Once you join you can begin to make money within minutes, we'll show you how in the members area. Our average member has 10 people under them and growing very fast! The opportunity to make money with our system is open wide and we put you in total control of your monthly check and financial success!

Is this legal?

Absolutely. There is nothing illegal about any of our system. This is not a pyramid scheme or an illegal "frontloading" system. It is a Members Only website that has it's own members area with online books and products that members are able to download. You get your own unique website URL to promote so you can sign up members of your own.

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